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D.’s briefings didn’t manage who has new distribute problems

General Jack Keane, then the Army’s Vice Captain away from Staff and another off Rumsfeld’s best advisers on the force, flew in order to Iraq and you can was chagrined your third I. However, Keane later on mirrored one Blount’s troops could hardly be blamed. “They were sick-prepared-they weren’t experienced to do it, plus they were not trained to take action, and they were not expecting to do so,” Keane told you, of your unit’s impromptu policing mission. If third We.D. in the course of time kept Iraq, four weeks later, Blount is allotted to a desk employment during the Pentagon, a job the guy served in for the remainder of his productive profession. He did not score a publicity and you may a third celebrity, as many had after expected.

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