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Queen against Pawn Stalemate Tricks: Must know Endgames

Once you replace bits you have made nearer to a master and you can pawn endgame. GM Kosteniuk provides the extremely very important endgame in the chess.

Rook vs Pawn: Have to know Endgames

Whenever that front should give up a beneficial rook throughout the endgame, your seem to belong to an excellent rook versus pawn end. GM Kosteniuk makes it possible to find out if this new rook is also profit the game.

When a beneficial bishop otherwise rook pawn is located at the 7th score they usually can draw against a queen once you know what you’re carrying out. GM Kosteniuk provides the details.

King compared to Pawn: Must know Endgames

When a king face a contrary pawn toward seventh review, the side with the queen can be win if your pawn are away from a heart document or a good knight file. GM Kosteniuk demonstrates brand new successful method.

Small Bits against Pawns: Need to find out Endgames

Always, bishops can also be end pawns and you will knights enjoys a relatively much harder day.

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