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The very first part was about just how residing Korea altered my fashion

Some time right back we penned initial section of a two-part series on Korean trends responding to your readers’s tip. The blog post is a component two and it’s really all about Korean style create’s and carry outn’ts. I experienced some help with this particular article as while I definitely believed to factors I learned in Korea, In addition asked multiple Korean buddies for information a€“ both guys and girls receive a well-balanced attitude. So thanks Hana, Chanseok and Ryan your information which help! Oh, and most for the Korean manner create’s and performn’ts include for women (umm, because I’m a female) but there are a few for dudes too.

Korean Trends Do’s

Use makeup products a€“ in so far as i love makeup products, I absolutely cannot put on most they a€“ vision makeup and lip stick… yes, but I hardly ever really dressed in everything back at my face. But’s regarded somewhat rude to not ever wear beauty products in Korea (according to guys and girls). Yep, you heard that right. I became lightly motivated to use more while I became in Korea. Luckily my personal skin is similar thus I oriented into nearest beauty shop (they’ve been almost everywhere in Korea) and ordered some face powder and blush. Okay, i’ve a rubber supply when considering manner but a good thing arrived on the scene from it… I came across the number one blush ever before!

Put pumps a€“ they’re a styles requirement in Korea. Fortunately, like shopping for makeup products, looking for boots is not hard in Korea. There will be something for every single taste and resources from 15,000won (about $15) footwear from inside the small retailers at most of the train channels to designer types which are method pricier in malls. Usually, babes boots best go up to 250 (about a North US dimensions 8, Brit 6) but there are places in Dongdaemun or Itaewon (in Seoul) a€“ among other areas a€“ happened to be you could have boots custom-made.

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