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7. Alexia Ashford (Resident Evil Code Veronica)

A portion of the antagonist into the Resident Worst Code Veronica. Getting Alfred Ashford’s sister, she are a researcher from the Umbrella which infected by herself with the T-Veronica virus and place by herself in the cryogenic bed. She in the course of time woke up inside the incidents away from Resident Worst Password Veronica and you will was slain from the Chris on finally company endeavor.

  • Alexia’s last company strive is considered as being among the toughest within the Resident Worst. During the their workplace battle, she attacks the player which have tentacles when you find yourself spawning insects one to attack the ball player and you will disrupt new player’s episodes.

six. Alex Wesker (Resident Worst Revelations 2)

Alex Wesker is area of the antagonist out of Citizen Worst Revelations 2. She got individuals, such as Claire Redfield and you may Moira Burton, become abducted and you can delivered to Sejm Island. She’d come upon this new protagonists about video game, and stay slain during the a good BSAA assault when it is test that have rockets.

  • Despite discussing the very last term, Alex is not Albert Wesker’s biological aunt. Wesker was a reputation provided to them by the Umbrella.
  • Alex died in her own mutated form one happened after she contaminated herself to the Uroboros. Albert Wesker together with died within his Uroboros contaminated function when you look at the Resident Worst 5.

5. Sherry Birkin (Citizen Worst dos)

Sherry basic starred in Citizen Worst dos where she was an excellent 12-year-dated lady whom satisfied Claire Redfield from inside the Raccoon Urban area outbreak. Her G-trojan contaminated father is going after the lady, and eventually, put a keen embryo in her own. She is actually addressed with a good vaccine of the Claire and you will fled Raccoon Area that have Claire and you will Leon via an underground train.

She also looked because a beneficial playable protagonist into the Citizen Evil six where she helped Jake Muller from inside the C-trojan episode one to occurred in the multiple metropolises across the globe such as for example Asia.

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