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It is no marvel one slaveholders will always be talking of the form therapy of its submissives

All of you knows that it

The actual only real ponder are, that men of experience are going to be gulled by the including disciplines. Despots constantly insist they are merciful. The most effective tyrants one actually dripped which have bloodstream provides assumed this new headings off ‘most gracious,’ ‘most clement,’ ‘most merciful,’ &c., as well as have purchased the crouching vassals to accost them hence. Whenever didn’t vice lay claim to those virtues which can be the fresh opposites of the chronic crimes! The fresh new responsible, predicated on her demonstrating, will always be simple, and you may cowards brave, and you may drunkards sober, and harlots chaste, and you can pickpockets sincere so you’re able to a mistake. Whenever a good mans language grows dense, and he starts to hiccough and you can go get across-legged, i predict him, since the a matter of path, to protest that he’s maybe not drunk; and when one is vocal this new praises out of his very own trustworthiness, i instinctively observe his movements and check aside for our pouch-instructions.

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