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Metadata & Dating More in keeping than you imagine. settling straight straight straight down with all the mate that is perfect a lot easier

Finding, dating and settling straight down aided by the mate that is perfect a great deal easier with internet dating tools. Once you search for a possible match, perhaps you just want a couple of details – love name and a summary of passions. But as things have severe, you intend to learn more.

When you look at the genuine and internet, you have got a lot of approaches to discover more. However in the internet information world that is dating you truly have only one – metadata.

And, well, our metadata helps it be difficult to commit…So we’re updating it.

It is possible to find out more below – but take a look at our draft that is new standard

Metadata Dream Date

In my own metadata dreamworld:


Our metadata (the info about our datasets) is just about out from the field (see a good example for company registered in SF). A handful is had by us of customized industries like Department and regularity, but we now haven’t sat down and really thought through just exactly exactly just what industries we have to consist of (and need) and exactly why. And we’re encouraged by metadata leadership from Open ny and Albuquerque.

How we’re tackling metadata in bay area

We’ve kicked down an operating team to draft a metadata standard. Some metadata is included by the team professionals, collection experts, plus some of y our biggest writers on DataSF.

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