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Create the official group think overseeing sexual abuse of kids in the brand new tourist sector, and you may officially control facing particularly discipline?

The new obstruction enforced by the You had contributed to shortages off food and provides. How would the state address this problem?

Several other Panel Pro mentioned that Cuba is the only nation inside Latin The usa which had hit the worldwide Knowledge Requirements. How would the state make on this subject unbelievable number? Just how performed the state catch up to have big date lost in school because of the pandemic? It actually was indexed one 99.dos % of guy society have been subscribed to college or university. That was the common rates regarding college or university attendance? What styles was actually seen during the pandemic? How had pandemic procedures affected youngsters having handicaps within the universities?

Trust MARSHALL-HARRIS, Panel Professional and you can Planner of the country Taskforce getting Cuba, commended new plans in position to include refugees and asylum candidates which have properties. Manage the state imagine putting toward law what it skilled of service getting refugees? That has administrative duty to possess refugees?

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