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A couple appeal has effective affect the fresh things of men: the fresh new love of fuel and passion for currency

Date Such as for example an excellent petal regarding wind Flows gently by the Due to the fact dated existence is taken Brand new ones start A continual chain And that persists through the eternity The lives but one minute after a while But every one of equal strengths – Benjamin Franklin

Timothy is actually very read he might term a horse inside the nine dialects, and ordered an effective cow so you’re able to drive into. – Benjamin Franklin

Tis facing specific men’s concept to spend focus, and you will seems facing others’ interest to spend the chief – Benjamin Franklin

Tis most readily useful get-off to own an adversary at the an individual’s passing, than just ask of a pal when you look at the a person’s life – Benjamin Franklin

‘Tis true there was far to get over, . . . however, stick to it steadily, and come across higher outcomes, to possess constant shedding wears away rocks . . . and you can nothing shots fell great oaks, since the Worst Richard says. . . . – Benjamin Franklin

To be posts, browse backward towards the individuals who has below on your own, perhaps not give toward individuals who features way more. If this cannot give you posts, that you don’t have earned getting happier.

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