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Lauren Connors The mother and no Pupils

She used to be kept inside the a cage by the the lady pimp & certain how had aside. Ryan is actually hardly ever really towards lbs chicks however, he needed a good location to live because he had been abandoned. He robbed or abused the family the guy did possess. Very he came across Lauren and you will spotted you to definitely she would be simple to take benefit of. To use for a destination to real time understanding she is stupid adequate to not see she had been put. This is when he gave up and you may said fuk they, I am going to fuk a pounds chick. So what performed he do?

Jizzed right up regarding b1tch and knocked their up for example 4 minutes. Wait zero, it actually was 3. Hang on i’d like to amount…step one…2…3. I believe it absolutely was four. Select Lauren currently possess for example six infants that have been extracted from the girl from the CYF. She put that in to the a duffel handbag and you will zipped it and you may would not assist him away. Find CYF like some one instance Lauren.

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