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Cosmo Questionnaire: 9 from 10 Millennial Female Take Nude Photo

When you have people second thoughts concerning your relationship, you shouldn’t posting them (at least not together with your deal with inside)

In the course of the hacked naked superstar images scandal (You should never look them up!), many features voiced new – awful, no-good, very bad – advice that in the event that you don’t want their nudes released on community to see, you should not need nudes in the first place. This type of person anxiously out of reach.

This week, Cosmopolitan conducted a survey away from 850 subscribers – 99 percent women, which have the average age of 21 – from the providing naked photos. Eighty-nine per cent have chosen to take naked photographs from by themselves at some point. And of those people customers, simply fourteen % regretted using the pictures, and you can 82 % would do they once again. (Then again, 91 per cent ones had never had people nude photo released to help you a broader listeners.)

“My personal date and i visit additional colleges. We have been both juniors today, and we also have learned a great deal on exactly how to generate our very own good way relationship really works. At first, I happened to be worried to send your pictures, but when I did it and you will know exactly how enjoyable it’s, We haven’t regretted it. Trust is the key to help you sending images. I’ve been matchmaking my date to possess number of years today and you may We completely faith your, and so i don’t have any disease delivering him photo.

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