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He was also called for their moody yet hard fancy personality towards his incompetent soldiers and governmental opponents

From the movies’s prologue, its remarked that the filmmakers have taken the freedom of combining “fact” and “fiction” to be able to deliver across larger truths. Thus, the inspired creative selections: the young journalist which “interviews” Gen. Luna;the standard’s clandestine relationship with a woman called Isabel;the “flashbacks” within a story which is currently naturally a flashback by way of history;Luna’s stirring guitar-tuned flamenco under the moonlight which, in place, is a swan-song;the poignant touch of miracle reality to the conclusion, accompanied by Beethoven’s plaintive keyboard sonata. The movie, similarly, does not scared from the a brutal and visual depiction in the battlefront and of the tragic fortune associated with the general in the hands of their own men. This is exactly all as a result of the brave and intelligent screenplay by Tarog, E.A. Rocha and Henry quest Francia, as well as the unflinching and imaginative course by Tarog himself. (If one is keen adequate to pick-up the “signals”, the historical tale will most surely need a continuation making use of the tales of Gregorio del Pilar (to be represented probably by Paolo Avelino) and Manuel Quezon (most likely to get translated by Benjamin Alves);Tarog isn’t any stranger to making a trilogy.)

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